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So it’s 2013 and I don’t know whether to be happy or fed up with this year already. The day before my birthday, I wrecked my truck. It’s being fixed, thank goodness. And thanks to a verrrrrry close friend? Boyfriend? Hell.. I’m not even sure what we are at this point. He’s just been super amazing to me lately. But I am terrified to let my guard down after everything over the last year and a half. So we’ll just see what happens.
Work.. Ugh.. Here I’ve been waiting the last 6 months for my raise.. And apparently they dont even give raises every 6 months! Not even when you’re going above and beyond your duties! Well screw that! I’m just going to stick to my job description and hopefully they’ll either bump up my pay or I’ll have to find a new job where I can get some advancement.
Well thats about all thats new with me… No regrets! Love your life!!

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